Monday, September 18, 2006

More free game downloads

SuperPower 2 Demo Only

Mission Risk 1998 Free Game.

Ceasar The award Winning game of building ancient cities is now freeware.

Titans of Steel Robot Mech war strategy game with network player mode.

Is this... The end? Mindless space shoot'em-up arcade style game.

Origins of World War I, a simple board game you build yourself from files on this page. A sequel to this, Origins of World War 2, became an award winning board game. Rules are pretty much each major power has influence chips they can play on countries and at the end of the game each side has different values for each country for their rank in amount of influence.

Free wargames. An example of one of these is Grav Armor, a 1982 microgame inspired by Ogre and G.E.V.. Pretty much simplified PanzerBlitz in the far future. A similar free game is Dirtside 2. There is a conversion called Full Metal Ogre that links the two games.

Many of the old games can be played by email with virtual counters and maps.
I wrote V_MAP so that war gamers around the world could play the games that they already own with other players. V_MAP is also a flexible tool for aspiring board game developers in that it can be used as a board game construction kit with minimal effort. To that end, gamesets never contain any rules unless the author have given me express permission to do so.
1ST ALAMEIN and The Russian Portfolio - free email using V_MAP or Cyberboard, or play as live board wargames of WW2 combat by Lou Coatney.