Monday, May 04, 2009


One new game that looks interesting but I have so many other things going on I Don't know if I will be able to check it out. Another game that is filling up a great deal of time.

The Great War of Prefectures plays like a cross between Risk and a Real-Time Strategy game, with Japan's prefectures (analogous to other countries' states or provinces) serving as the territories you fight over.

I am heavily involved in 2 games of CIVONY right now which is a mistake. This is a Chinese company rolling out online games, which explains some of the odd English here and there. Civony is new and rapidly expanding with its servers having difficulty keeping up. It is attracting both Civilization type gamers and massive multi-player online war-mongers so it gets an odd mixture with many people dropping out. This actually serves a useful function with their now nearly empty castles accumulating resources for the others to pillage.