Sunday, July 22, 2007

Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery

A great game or only a very good game?

I've played twice now, I'm not sure. Just out of the top 20 on BoardgameGeek. From a very positive review comments:
The leader (the only experienced player) won with 78, focusing on military and gaining first places in the new world. I came in second with 75 being the trade good king (and getting the big building for 15 vips, yay), third place was 73 with the Privateer and his 4 ships (plus the big building for 16 vips, ouch), 4th place was Cortez (with his free captain and free soldier in the conquest box every turn) with 72, (and had he not made the gamble to bring only 5 guys when he had 6 available, and flipped a card with 6 natives, he could very well have won) and last player had 67, he was the missionary, getting one free priest and the cathedral.

It was thus very interesting to see 5 wholly diferent strategies duke it out on the board.