Friday, September 07, 2007

How Starfire fell apart

Gaming this afternoon at Lewis's, a couple people mentioned they had run a Galactic Starfire game that was a lot of fun. I mentioned I hadn't played anything Starfire since the first 1970's edition.

I still had links in my bookmarks, I never throw anything away if I can help it, from when I was considering restarting playing Starfire with a newer edition five or more years ago. When I went to check the main Starfire site seemed almost but not quite dead.

Looking further I found this message and answer about copyright and trademark laws as applying to games and game aids. The gaming community evidently decided what I call the Weber versions of the game were better, after the person who now owned the game moved on to what he thought was a better system. In the disagreement that followed it looks like all versions are dying.

The Internet Archive still has some materials.