Friday, August 16, 2002

On Civ 3 Culture flipping formula is

Chance of flip = {[(N + S)*C*H*R] - T}/D

N = number of foreign nationals (resistors count as 2).
S = number of 21 city squares under foreign control
C = City Culture factor, 2 if foreign civ has generated more culture in this city, otherwise 1
H = Happiness factor, 2 for disorder, 1/2 for WLTK day, otherwise 1
T= number of garrisoning troops
R= national cultures ratio (Foreign civ total culture divided by your civ total culture)
D= Capitol distance factor (500 to 8000, 2000 average). Lower if they are closer, higher if you are

Troops = {(N+S)*C*H*R}

or, in english, the number of troops to prevent a flip = 1 per foreign national (2 for resistors) and 1 per square controlled by foreign civ, *2 if they have had more culture in the city, *2 if the city is in disorder, *1/2 if in WLTKD, and * the ratio of cultures (their culture divided by your culture). Also, the chance of a flip is -0- if all the citizens are yours, and you control all 21 squares in its maximum production radii. Also note that the relative distances to the capitols does NOT affect the number of troops needed to stop a flip, just the chance of a flip if there is any chance at all.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Have slowed down on Civ 3 Military Balance 2002 scenario after a problem with stealth bombers came up, as well as getting a job. I have mainly been researching what other people are saying about making modifications in Civ 3.