Friday, March 14, 2003

Reposting, it always seems my computer dies when I'm near the end of creating a long post.

I went to OwlCon for free as a volunteer Friday. I worked set-up and registration. OwlCon was extremely well organized but needed more room. They were right, there was no room for me to run a demo game of Risk or Civilization.

I did not bring anti-war posters but did wear a toga Friday. Seemed appropriate somehow.

I left registration a little early and made it to a Cthulhu LARP from midnight to 6 AM. That was great even if I was almost the only normal character with no hidden agenda - I played an executive with a philanthropic organization trying to get rid of a scandal.

I was one of the last three in the "escape room" when I went mad just before the bomb went off. I am proud, in my madness I recognized the Swiss ambassador as the cause of all my problems and tried to kill the attractive evil green lizard. Surprisingly for a one shot Cthulhu LARP, two people survived who saw the problem early and ran out before the embassy was locked down. They caught a 747 to Africa before the city was destroyed in a nuclear blast.

Saturday morning was Chez Geek, I decided you have to be in the right mood. Several Naval War card games where I managed to win one. The new Lord of the Rings RISK - which I should have won but overextended myself, and saturday night a World of Darkness loose LARP.

I was the amazing Dr. Lucky in the LARP and I should have won that game but I got mad at one of the two people in the last twenty minutes I should have allied with. I was also having so much fun I didn't want the game to end. Another surprising LARP, no players were killed except one by me upon request as a form of suicide. I officially came in third in acting and was also voted most untrustworthy and aristocratic. My second LARP.

Another hour wandering around trying to find my car. I also had a parking ticket the first night for not realizing there are north residence parking and north visitors parking areas.

Overslept my morning session Sunday but then played Twilight Imperium until midnight. I was one of the last two people to leave the Con.

Overall, very good con, I saw no movies or anime this time. I had never LARPed before and I loved it. Best new board game LOTR RISK. This is much less detailed then my first review, ask if you want more info.