Wednesday, September 10, 2003

More thougts on SuperPower

SuperPower does continuously learn. It's AI just may not be that smart.

If you start building up your military it your neighbors will decide they need to respond. The problem is they choose what they think is their best unit and spend all of their money on that unit. So you have the US building carriers or nuclear subs and smaller countries loading up on hundreds of AA guns or Patrol boats if they decide you are an air or sea threat.

This may not be a totally wrong strategy. A few hundred AA guns does put a crimp in your air force, but this does seem to lack balance.

I could be wrong.

If I was Argentina facing a high-tech Brazil building up sea and air forces perhaps the best strategy is to build hundreds of PB's or AA's. This puts you on the defensive but you have no chance on the offense.

The only real problem is because they build as much as they can afford it takes many, many turns before they get any units. Often way too late to be useful. So probably only a minor override in the program is needed to cut back on production if it will take more than a few weeks.

I took over Argentina through secretly backing a political party and immediately canceled orders for hundreds of units 15% to 70% done. It didn't save me money, the money is spend when the order is placed but it saves maintaining the low-tech not needed stuff.

I guess what i need to do now is build up some weapons technology for Argentina to concentrated on to create my Pax Latina.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Get Civ 3 World 2003

Mil-Sim is a highly recommended site for the massive World 2003 political-military simulation. It is run as a scenario for Sid Meier's Civilization 3 PTW but is much more massive and complete than most scenarios with hundreds of units and a huge map of the world. You take the part as a ruler of a modern country or group of countries. If you like Civilization you will like World 2003.

Confession, I have had a small part in some unit suggestions and country unit levels.

CIV 3 is also about to have a new expansion CD available called Conquests. This is not related unless enhancements to the scenario writing capabilities in Conquests lead to a later upgrade to World 2003.

World 2003 has been constantly upgraded by Maciek and again I recommend it. Mil-Sim Net contain user Forums as well as news and much more.