Sunday, May 11, 2003

I picked up Sid Meier's Civ 3 Play the World Expansion from Fry's.

It corrects many problems with Civ 3 and adds many scenarios. A problem is that the scenario builder still does not compare to Civ 2.

Overall - PC crack. As bad as the original Civ 2.

I played a scenario where you start with all tech and hunt for resources to build - with diplomatic victory on a game was over in six hours.

I am playing one of the huge-map player-created scenarios, tons of new units and I want to fix his mistakes.

I downloaded the huge files where a group is trying to keep a running up-to-date model of the real world military forces as a Civ 3 model. Other than it takes 30+ minutes for the 31 opposing countries to move and the current scenario builder screws up countries alignments, money, and diplomatic relationships it is fantastic just for the new concepts introduced. Make diplomatic friends by trading licenses to build advanced weapons. I have a bunch of data I want to send them. Fantastic.

Civ 3 - PTW, -- PC crack. 4 1/2 Stars would go to five if they improve the editor.